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Ready to Kickstart Your Business in B.C.?

Provincial incorporation is a great option for brands operating within only a few specific regions — and British Columbia is the perfect place to start a small business. Between 2014 and 2017 alone, B.C. saw a 7.7% rise in small businesses — more than double the federal rate of growth for the same period. As of 2017, small businesses in British Columbia made up 98% of the province’s total business count — and that number is only growing.

Why Incorporate Your Business in British Columbia?

Competitive Edge

British Columbia has a thriving economy built on the success of its small businesses, of which 44% are incorporated. As Canada’s leader in small business growth, B.C. is the ideal place to incorporate and grow your business with a competitive advantage.

Significant Tax Breaks

Small businesses in B.C. receive a lower corporate tax rate of only 2% once incorporated, compared to the higher rate of 12%. Aside from Manitoba, B.C. has the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada.

Easy to Expand

B.C. is part of the New West Partnership Agreement, allowing incorporated businesses in one West Coast province, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan — and as of 2020, Manitoba — to seamlessly register across each additional province for no extra fee.

Fewer Restrictions

Unlike some Canadian provinces, British Columbia does not require businesses to have a Canadian resident sit on its board of directors in order to incorporate within the province. Anyone can start a business here!

5 Easy Steps to B.C. Incorporation With Witmart

When you’re starting a business, you don’t have the time or resources to wade through an ocean of tedious incorporation paperwork. Witmart makes the incorporation process fast, simple and affordable — taking on the grunt work so you can launch your business as soon as possible. Here’s how it works:
Step 1
Send us your basic information
Step 2
Get a free quote
Step 3
Request a free consultation
Step 4
Get a call within 1 business day
Step 5
We file your application for you

Spend less time, save more money —
Witmart is the #1 choice for incorporation!

Personal Touch
We’re so confident in our services, we throw in the consultation for free! That way, our friendly team can discuss your unique business needs, answer your questions, and proceed with an incorporation plan that is custom built for you by a human, not automation.

Experts for a Bargain
As a team of qualified trademark experts, Witmart knows what it takes to register and protect brands at every stage of business — including incorporation. Trust our specialists to get the job done right, without the excessive fees of a traditional law firm.

End-to-End Service
When you’re launching a business, you want to get things off the ground as quickly as possible. Why waste valuable time pouring over an endless mountain of paperwork when you could trust Witmart to register your Canadian incorporation for you instead?

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